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Egg whites can help filter microplastics from seawater


Israeli scientists make breakthrough on producing ‘green’ hydrogen fuel


A robotic finger with living skin tissue

Fabric that can ‘hear’ your heartbeat developed by scientists


Low-Cost Gel Film Can Pluck Drinking Water From Desert Air

World's first ultra-fast photonic computing processor using polarization

Urine, bacteria, and calcium: A green and simple recipe for biocement


Converting solar energy to electricity on demand, storing it for 18 years

This exquisitely sensitive machine can hear a single bacterium die



NASA’s New Material Built to Withstand Extreme Conditions


Fusion tech is set to unlock near-limitless ultra-deep geothermal energy

World's tiniest battery is the size of a grain of dust


Inspired by Lava, New Nontoxic Coating Can Halt Fire in its Tracks

New IC Engine produces nearly zero harmful emissions

MIT scientists filed two patents on a new, 2D material that's stronger than steel


A 3D ink made of living cells for creating living structures


Eco-friendly plastics made from sugars

Scientists Created an 'On-Off Switch' for Gene Editing

The secret lives of cells — as never seen before

Microchip With Wings Is The Smallest Flying Structure Ever Built


Device taps brain waves to help paralyzed man communicate

Gadgets that enable blind people to see.


Student Builds Life-Saving Device that Can Instantly Stop Bleeding from Stab Wounds

World's first cultured meat production plant opens in Israel

New Wearable Device Turns Your Body Into a Biological Battery

New technology to transform plant materials into a wide range of products

Breakthrough 3D Solar Panel Design Increases Light Absorption By 125%

Scientists Have Found a Way to Make Foldable Keyboards Out of Any Paper

Leaner, greener, expanding concrete pre-stresses itself as it forms

Creating lenses from spider silk

Self-aligning microscope smashes limits of super-resolution microscopy


Introducing "bendeable concrete" for safer and healthier construction

Bacteria used to create "living" building materials


Engineers develop multimaterial fiber “ink” for 3-D-printed devices

A Promising Solar Energy Breakthrough Just Achieved 1,000-Degree Heat From Sunlight

Physicists Have Identified a Metal That Conducts Electricity But Not Heat


Tiny magnetic particles enable new material to bend, twist, and grab

In surprise breakthrough, scientists create quantum states in everyday electronics

Energy Free Superfast Computing Invented by Scientists Using Light Pulses

Researchers Found a Way to Levitate Objects Using Only Light

New technology produces temp-changing cloth.

Embedded intelligence changes shape of materials.

Scientists use 3D printing to produce human cellular  tissue.

Most materials become thinner as they are stretched. This material becomes thicker!

Brain computer interface enables paralyzed to communicate via tablet.

Camera captures light beams mid-flight!


MIT develops self curing and repairing materials.

Optical fibers  sense the materials around them.

Coming soon: computers that run at the speed of light!

In the drive to store more, Samsung delivers less.

Look here to see how far technology has come over the last 50 years!

Inching closer to a DNA-based file system.

Talk about pressure!    

Let there be a new man-made light.

Ultra-Thin optical fibers offer new way to 3D print mcrostructures.

Using chemical reactions in liquid metal to make atomically thin materials.