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We are witnessing an kindness and caring on a global scale, as ordinary people, organizations, and even countries work together in deed to help others in need. 

Just clik the articles below to learn more!

Food Rescue App Diverts 20 Million Pounds of Surplus into 17mil Meals For Those in Need


Plants are intelligent, here’s how


Man invents shoe that grows five sizes in five years

India’s Mass Tree Planting Success: Forest Cover Grows by Half-Million Acres in Two Years

Youth Hailed for Providing Renewable Energy to 10,000 People Without Using Battery, Wind, Sun, or Water

Affordable Housing Landlord Raises $9Mil to Keep 3,000 Families in Their Homes


Charity opens "pay what you feel" grocery store


Vending machines are now giving machines


 Boy Raises $700,000 For Hospice By Camping Out For 500 Nights


10-Year-old Inspires the World to Donate Half a Million Books For Kids: ‘A Catalyst’ For Kindness


Turbulent Micro Hydro Plant in Green School Bali

Teen invents clever fire extinguisher and donates profits

Local volunteers pack 300,000 meals for Nicaragua

Kenyan Entrepreneur Transforms Plastic Waste into Bricks

A Sustainable, Poverty-Free Future Is Possible For All Humanity, Study Reveals

Once Left For Dead, The Aral Sea Is Now Brimming With Life Thanks to Global Collaboration


People Live Longer in Societies That Share More Across Generations

S. Korea to invest $61B US to become net-zero society

Jerusalem chief rabbi attends interfaith event in Bahrain

Mobile App connects eateries with hungry customers.

This Smartphone App Can Save Your Life with Just 3 Words

Birthday fundraisers emphasize charity over a ‘wish list’

Empathy is the secret ingredient that makes cooperation – and civilization – possible


Thousands volunteer for stem cell test to save child.


Social media rage and the power of kindness to stop it.



Girls invent solar powered portable home for homeless.

Gates Foundation and Welcome Trust open access to scientific journals.

To fight global hunger, Cornell to make the latest agricultural data available to all.

Soda Stream team cleans Honduran island of trash.


Get inspiration at your fingertips!

Moment of Silence changing lives around the world.

"Giving it forward together (GIFT)" makes seniors' days!

She tosses birthday parties for homeless kids!


Amazon founder creates $2B charity for homeless and preschools.

11 EU nations pledge to make scientific knowledge open and free to all.

When two of the world's wealthiest men give away their money, good things happen!

​Presenting Blupela, the revolutionary social network for positive social change.

Proof positive--life is getting better for millions. 

People donate millions of flyer miles to reunite immigrant families.

A teen wanted to auction off a pig for a cancer charity. Buyers kept returning it so he could sell it again!

New site aims to bring "bring neighborliness back to neighborhoods, communion back to communities."

The Net community donates sick days so a teacher can get well!

Turning old foes into new friends.

International Team Saves the Day and Thai Kids!

New video games promote friendship, not violence.


In 1994, Bassie Shem Tov met one special needs child.
Today her group has 80 chapters around the world.

167 drivers pay it forward in McDonald's drive-thru.

Girl Scout’ fund-raising garage sale expands to 10 miles long!

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