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Today’s environmental challenges are daunting.

These challenges are being met in exciting ways,

as blessings from G-d become revealed through the hearts, minds, and hands of man. 

Just clik the articles below to learn more!

Gravity batteries in abandoned mines could power the whole planet


New Innovative System Can Turn Seawater Into Fuel

New nontoxic powder uses sunlight to quickly disinfect contaminated drinking water


Sand Dunes Interact And 'Communicate' With One Another, Physicists Say


Scientists discover enzyme that can turn air into energy


Researchers create world's first energy-saving paint—inspired by butterflies


Purifying water with just a few atoms


Using Sunlight To Produce Hydrogen Fuel Out of Thin Air


Gravity batteries in abandoned mines could power the whole planet

World’s first carbon-eating concrete blocks


Turning plastic trash into construction building blocks

UCB demonstrates "incredibly cheap and easy" carbon-capture material

Floating Drones Are Swallowing Tons of Plastic Waste Before it Reaches Ocean


Bendable, Green, and Cement-Free Concrete Created to Better Withstand Earthquakes


Method for Recycling Industrial Plastics at Room Temperature in 20 Minutes

A New Enzyme Found in Compost Just Set a Speed Record For Breaking Down Plastic

Scientists unveil bionic robo-fish to remove microplastics from seas

Solar-powered system offers a route to inexpensive desalination

Clean energy met a record-breaking 38 percent of global power demand in 2021

Solar panels on water canals could generate 13GW of power for California


Decarbonization Tech Instantly Converts Carbon Dioxide to Solid Carbon

New technology removes 99% of carbon dioxide from the air

This startup is turning nonrecyclable plastic into building blocks

Novel "artificial leaf" design ups the carbon capture rate by 100x


New $1Billion Initiative to Preserve Tropical Rainforests

Solar Paint Transforms Your Entire House Into a Source of Clean Energy


Scientists Develop a Simple Way to Desalinate Water Using Solar Energy

World's whitest paint could  reduce need for A/C on buildings


Ralph Lauren Gives Competitors New Way to Dye Cotton


Youth is Fighting Microplastic Pollution with Magnetic Liquid

MIT team produces practical guidelines for generating hydrogen using scrap aluminum.

Israeli start-up develops modular thermal energy storage cell

New biodegradable plastic decomposes in sunlight


German company develops sustainable magnet free electric motor

Volunteers in India plant over 250 million saplings in one day

Water is Saved From Evaporation Using Solar Panels Built Over Canals

Scientists invent power paste energy for fuel

Is 100% renewable energy feasible for countries?

Sustainable roof materials naturally cools homes without A/C

Six milestones in renewable energy so far this year

Drones to plant one billion trees in eight years

Wonder tree game changer for Rainforest Agriculture

A sprinkling-of-rock-dust-could-help-crops-soak-up-billions-of-tonnes-of-extra-co2


Lego-like 3D-printed beams offer lightweight alternative to concrete

Good Vibrations: Bladeless Turbines

New Wind Turbine Harnesses the Power of Traffic

Transparent Wood to Make Stronger, Better Insulating Windows

Beautiful Mural in Warsaw Eats Up Smog, Purifying The Air


Smart bricks store energy in the walls themselves

Laser-Etched Metal Purifies Contaminated Water

Kenoteq’s K-Briq is made out of 90% recycled construction waste

Breakthrough Solar System Uses Recycled Aluminum to Store Energy


A single drop of water can generate power to light up 100 LED bulbs


Flexible, transparent solar skin turns any hard surface into a solar cell

Scientists extract hydrogen gas from oil, giving potential pollution-free energy

Smart Greenhouses Let You Grow Vegetables in Your Own Apartment

Vacuum keeps food fresh and cool from field to table

Nearly all the world’s countries sign deal to prevent plastic waste

Ralph Lauren unveils plastic bottle shirt

DNA sequencing can help rescue and restore eco-systems


Scientists make hydrogen fuel from seawater. 

Environmental technology conquers concrete.

New material gives noise pollution the silent treatment.

Scientists extract liquid silicate from waste glass.

Disease resistant crops coming soon.

Liquid fuel can store solar energy for up to 18 years.

New process turns biosolid waste into construction bricks.


Edible food coating improves shelf life, reduces waste.

Sun in a box stores solar and  wind energy for later use.


New process turns wood waste into pressure-sensitive adhesives.


University studying feasibility of farms underground .

Global effort aims to reduce plastic at the source. 

Energy from hydrogen now possible.

New molecule can store energy in summer and release it in winter for years.

Device invented that generates water from waste and fresh air.

Modified cotton could be human food source.

New  energy saving uses for ancient pigment!

Meet the tree that could help feed the world.

Artificial enzymes convert solar energy into hydrogen gas.

Rooftop gardens--a breath of fresh air for cities.

Meet the man who planted a huge forest by himself!

MIT grad student's robot finds water leaking from underground pipes.

The road to the future is paved with plastic.

​New Mineral Sand Helps Transform Storm Sludge into Clean Water.

​Recycled plastic islands turn pollution into natural habitats.

Fighting crop-destroying fruit flies by outsmarting them.

15 Projects to free the world of carbon-based pollution.

Scientists develop lab-made material to suck carbon dioxide from atmosphere.


International group seeks to remove plastic from the sea using jellyfish.


Converting natural gas to hydrogen without CO emissions.

‘Clean’ Nuclear Reactions on the horizon.

HyTech plans to make zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) out of IC engines!


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