For centuries, man struggled to understand disease. Today, scientists are working to eliminate it!  Clik the articles to learn more!


Spider venom blocks damage after heart attacks

Nose cells cure osteoarthritis


Paste that Can Stop Heavy Bleeding in Seconds

New compounds discovered that stop degeneration of brain cells


FDA launches trials of stem cell cure for Type 1 diabetes


Chinese doctor performs brain surgery on patient 3000 km away

Human Protein Dissolves Bacterial Membranes

Revolutionary Machine That Grows New Skin for Burn Patients Unveiled

Simple dental treatment could heal cavities without filings

 Doctors developing pig-human organ for transplant

Eye-sight restoring gene therapy to be tested in U.S.

 Damaged Human Lungs Can Be Repaired by Attaching Them to Pigs

 Introducing Biometric Medicine, cells programmed to heal.


 Israeli study finds molecule that triggers self-destruction
of pancreatic cancer cells

 Liquid metal shredder kills superbugs without drugs

 Diabetes in mice cured rapidly using human stem cell strategy

 Scientists Create First Ever Artificial Neurons to Cure Chronic Diseases

 Hydrogel That Can Self-Heal and Shape-Shift Invented by Scientists

 'Gene and Cell Therapy’ Cancer Vaccine Being Tested on Patients


 Ultrasound Breakthrough Could Eliminate Endoscopy

 Researchers find elusive protein that could  eliminate neglected              tropical diseases

 Researchers engineer antibodies that unlock body's regenerative potential

 New Genetic Discovery Restores Mobility in Children with Rare  Neuromuscular Disease

 Device may allow the deaf to "hear through their fingertips"


 Study shows promise in repairing damaged myelin


 Bacterial or Viral? Accurate Infections Diagnosis with a Paper-Based Test

 RenovaCare Awarded New Patent Allowing for the Spray of Stem Cells for Regeneration of Organs and Tissues

 Patient with lab-grown bone competes in triathalon


3 D ankle bone implants enable women to walk naturally again

 Researchers identify key proteins for repairing nerve fibers

 Researchers Discover Proteins That Could Soon Restore Hearing 


 Laser Destroys Cancer Cells Circulating in the Blood in REAL TIME!


 Researchers discover placental stem cells that can regenerate heart after heart attack

 No more scars? Nanofiber-hydrogel composite allows soft tissue to regenerate


 Israeli scientists 'print' world's first 3D heart with human tissue



 First-of-Its-Kind HIV Therapy Kicks The Virus Out of Hiding, And Kills It

 Scientists reverse the process of cell death.


 New technology treats burns without touching patient.

 Bone grown in lab implanted in patient.

 Universal stem cells being developed.

 Blood vessels discovered in bone.

 The end of osteoporosis?

 Brain stimulation proven to relieve back pain.

 Patients' cells and materials used to personalize tissue implants.

 MXenes help clear the way to portable dialysis.

 Wheelchair-bound MS patient walks again.

 Tiny steps to repairing spinal damage.

 Targeted Plasticity Therapy cuts stroke movement recovery in half.

 Scientists find a way to convert donor blood into a Universal Type 

 Woman donates her heart; hears it beating in another woman!

 Good news for pessimists!

 Tiny 3D printed device could repair injured spinal cords.

 Smart bandage releases medicine as needed.

 Scientists are working on growing lungs in the lab!

 Say hello to a potential goodbye to arthritis joint pain.

 Imagine swishing your teeth clean!

 Here's the skinny on flexible skin.

 Growing live kidney tissue from stem cells.

 Painless medicine delivery now possible using electronic chips.

 One shot. One kill. DNA nano-robots target tumor.

 Swiss lab’s tool kit can turn any cell into a tumor killer.

DMD patients take heart! Defect corrected in heart tissue.