In lab after lab, scientists are uncovering just how finely tuned and miraculously intricate the various systems in our world really are, and how these findings can be used to benefit all mankind.

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Scientists find liquid light at room temp

Plants Use RNA to Talk to Neighbors


New technique developed for merging metals.


Scientists reverse age-related memory loss in mice

Human Hair Could Be Used to Strengthen Solar Cells

Rubber from dandelions used for making sustainable tires

New method quickly converts natural gas into solid form for storage

Physicists Create Time-Reversed Waves of Optical Light in Head-Spinning First

This common mineral could be a key to reducing climate change impacts

'Super-White' Paint Can Cool Down Buildings and Cars


The world’s first room-temperature superconductor

Hybrid solar converter harvests both sunlight and heat at 85% efficiency

Immune cell transplant reverses effects of aging in mice

Drawing electronics on the skin!


MegaX, the first camera to capture the smallest particles of light

Scientists uncover principles of universal self-assembly


Scientists Have "Reset" The Cellular Age Of Cells Taken From A 114-Year-Old Woman


‘Magic’ Material Is Now the Big Thing in Physics

Scientists generate electricity out of thin air.

Nano-thermometer takes temperature inside cells

Bioprinting complex living tissue in just a few seconds

Moon glows brighter than sun in images from NASA’s Fermi

Tapping into the way cells communicate

A Mathematical Model Unlocks the Secrets of Vision

If You Thought Quantum Mechanics Was Weird, You Need to Check Out Entangled Time

“Illusion of Death” –‘In the Quantum Universe We Exist Indefinitely’

‘Mini Kidneys’ Grown from Stem Cells

Baby Birds Communicate With Each Other From Inside Unhatched Eggs

In Mysterious Pattern, Math and Nature Converge


The Universal Law That Aims Time’s Arrow

Bubble Experiment Finds Universal Laws


A New 'State' of Matter Can Be Solid And Liquid at The Same Time

Scientists Discover Exotic New Patterns of Synchronization


Researchers develop way to control speed, direction of light.


New additive makes wood fire resistant.

Plants hear and converse with species in response to stimuli.

Materials chemists develop cloth that uses body heat to power devices.

Japanese tree frogs teach wireless network designers how it's done!


Introducing modified wood that's as strong as steel.

Presenting the stiffest lightweight materials ever made.

Researchers discover anti-inflammatory protein in the gut.


Green chemistry turns CO2 into usable materials.


Tiny lasers light up immune cells.

Neuroscientists Have Discovered a Previously Hidden Region in The Human Brain


Scientists build atom-sized devices by etching.


Scientists find new technology inside top of paint can!

Researchers develop first single molecule magnet.

Scientists grow retinas in lab.

Salmon farmers are scanning fish faces to fight killer lice

All Scientific Research Funded by NASA Is Available For Free on PubSpace

Scientists Have Connected The Brains of 3 People, Enabling Them to Share Thoughts

Plants signal each other using light! 

Printing with sound--an eye-opening technology developed by MIT.

What you scan is what you get.

Scientists now know which came first the chicken or the egg. The answer is "yes."



For the first time, physicists measure the momentum of light

Scientist mimic nature to develop advanced materials.

Chromosome movement mapped for the first time 

Introducing the latest in textiles: soft hardware

How different bacteria communicate!

Fruit fly stem cells offer glimpse of 'perpetual life'  

Scientists capture a living cell inside 3D printed material.

Genes stay active after death

Now see this: living molecules in their natural states

Petal Power - flowers use light to signal bees

Coming soon to your cell phone. Spoil sensor for food!

Listen up! Scientists use sound to track organisms in the body

Hundreds of exciting materials on the way!

Atoms within atoms! Oh my!

Away with Wires! Quantum principle eases wireless charging